Become a Supporting member

The "Supporting Member" category of membership is open to suppliers to the insurance sector who acknowledge the unique nature of ICMIF member organizations and who wish to work in partnership with the Federation and its members to help grow and advance the mutual and cooperative insurance sector. We offer Supporting Membership to suppliers which are important to the insurance industry.

Current ICMIF Supporting Members

(by category) are:

  • Rating agency - A.M. Best
  • Reinsurance broker - Willis Re
  • Identity and data defence - CyberScout

On payment of the annual membership fee for this class of membership Supporting Members will be entitled to an extensive list of benefits for the twelve months of their annual membership period. These benefits include:

Networking events

  • Two delegates permitted free of charge to the ICMIF Biennial Conference
  • Two delegates permitted free of charge to the Meeting of Reinsurance Officials (MORO)
  • Access to all other ICMIF special conference events with one free delegate at each event
  • Invitation to provide platform representation and/or appropriate speakers at ICMIF events. Please see the separate This is ICMIF which details the range of networks and other events organized by ICMIF
  • Opportunity to participate in a themed breakout session at the ICMIF Biennial Conference
  • Dedicated display area for promotional material at the ICMIF Biennial Conference and the MORO
  • Supporting Member's logo and website details included on the inside back page of event brochures and on event websites
  • List of attending organizations provided by ICMIF to the Supporting Member ahead of events which the Supporting Member is attending or sponsoring
  • An article to be published in Voice, the ICMIF magazine (published three times per year) and/or other ICMIF publications
  • Use of the ICMIFtv studios to record video messages or host webinars (subject to studio availability)
  • Facilitation of approaches to member organizations via ICMIF
  • Dedicated section for each Supporting Member on the ICMIF website to provide information on services provided, publish news stories, blogs and articles relevant to our members
  • Guest blogging opportunities and publication of news stories
  • Supporting Members are able to conduct exclusive research among the ICMIF membership in order to help grow the membership's awareness about important topics and increase our Supporting Members' understanding about our sector